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Sorry, this exclusive offer has now expired. 

While stocks last - Claim a free Compact Light worth £150 with any Serious Light Order.

High Definition


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Three Serious Reading Light Ranges

"The most superb aspect about the light is that I can adjust the beam to exactly where I need it."

Closest to daylight

Recommended for eye conditions

1,500+ Reviews

Mrs Stimpson, Berkshire


Adjustable beam width

CRI: 99/100

Bulb Type: 7.2W LED

Bulb Life Guarantee: 5 Years

Beam Spread: 16-26"

Colour Temp: 4,000K

Lux: 3,600-7,200lx



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Close to daylight

Wide beam

Uses just 6W of power

1,000+ Reviews

"I am very pleased with the Alex light. It has made a great improvement to my enjoyment of reading."

Mr Ackland, London


CRI: 98/100

Bulb Type: 6W LED

Bulb Life Guarantee : 3 Years

Beam Spread: 12"

Colour Temp: 4,000K

Lux: 4,800lx



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Narrow beam

Avoid light disturbance

Suitable for reading books only

250+ Reviews

"After years of trying to read in poor light, the Classic light is excellent. No more eye strain and feeling tired. A valuable tool for readers."

Mr Hill, Cumbria


CRI: 85/100

Bulb Type: 5W LED

Bulb Life Guarantee: 2 Years

Beam Spread: 8"

Colour Temp: 3,500lx

Lux: 2,400lx




Our brightest and most natural light, with newly upgraded LED technology.

Our mid range model. Projects a bright, white balanced light beam. 

Entry level reading light with narrow beam suitable for books only.



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Choose from Floor or Table Reading Lights

  Newly upgraded  

Free Compact Light

When ordering a Serious Reading Light, quote promotion code GGR120 and receive a free Compact Light. 

Small But Powerful

Just 45cm tall, and with a 12cm diameter base, the Compact Light is the perfect reading companion when space is at a premium. It punches out an intense white light to support your vision. 

RRP £150

Bulb: 5W LED
Height: 45cm (18")
Weight: 1.5kg (3lbs)
Warranty: 1 Year